The best option for Internet control

The perfect instrument to give parents peace of mind that their children are not accessing websites of unauthorized content from school. It puts the ideal tool in the hands of the teachers to manage the use of the Internet and take advantage of the teaching benefits.


An innovative solution to control and monitor Internet browsing of students at school.


The ideal instrument to give parents the tranquility that their children will not access unauthorized content from the school.


Allows you to make a list of accepted words and another for unaccepted words to limit the contents that students can access.


Flexible solutions that allow defining more restrictive or more permissive security profile groups depending on the target users.


Permits determining what type of files can be downloaded from the Internet and which ones can not, thus avoiding both network saturation and download of illegal content.

Ideal TOOL

The ideal tool for teachers to manage the use of the Internet in the classroom and take advantage of the teaching benefits.


NetsCutting is transparent to users, just simply install a "thin client" on the computers and it works without requiring user intervention.

NetsCutting makes it easy to input data from students by importing it from files in CSV format.

NetsCutting gives autonomy to teachers, allowing them to limit access to the Internet from the same classroom without requiring the intervention of the computer system administrator.

NetsCutting offers a variety of filters to determine allowed and blocked content. It establishes criteria by word, file extension or by class schedule.

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NetsCutting allows real-time student activity monitoring with alarm generation, remote visualization of the student's desktop and creation of navigation reports.

The user interface has been simplified to be intuitive and provides a high level of usability.

NetsCutting lets you open or close TCP/IP ports depending on the services you want to access with the possibility of doing this for all students or specific groups.

NetsCutting gives the possibility of defining specific security profiles for different student groups, for example, highschool or university have less restrictive access than the elementary school groups.

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Tranquility to know that your children do not have the option of accessing websites with adult or unauthorized content.

Guarantee that your children do not have access to social networks, game websites or other sites of a similar nature that could distract them from their school obligations.

Satisfaction to know that their children learn by taking advantage of the innumerable didactic resources offered by the Internet.

The 1 on 1 educational center can detect if students reconfigure their computers with the intention of connecting to the Internet through their mobile phones or accessing unauthorized Wi-Fi points

The school can increase the quality of its teaching using the best Internet services without the risk of inappropriate use by students.

The school has a control of the file downloads that the students make, which will allow maintenance of the network without saturation and the desired performance level.

The educational center improves the performance of its online infrastructure by distributing the bandwidth between the different equipment and centralizing the connections to the Internet through the intermediary server where Netscutting is based.

Teachers can decide from the classroom wherever they choose to open or close the Internet for the group they are teaching.

Teachers can choose from the classroom and at any time to which browsing content to allow or block.

Teachers can monitor student activity by connecting to their computer screens and visualizing what they are doing.

Teachers receive an alert if a student connects to the Internet through means outside the center.


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